Faustin Adeniran

Faustin Adeniran is a mixed-media artist who creates colourful, dynamic pieces with a special focus on traditional African cultural practices and natural resources. Adeniran’s work is about hope and beauty, his love and appreciation for humanity and environmental justice, and the collective loss that occurs when those cultural values are discarded. His practice combines mosaic and assemblage, reclaiming ‘detritus’ as the valuable traces of human experience. Embedded in his works are references to Yoruba and broader Nigerian culture, racial and tribal conflict, and the complicated history of African colonialism.

Faustin is a certified Contemporary Artist for the African Artist Foundation and a Member of the Centre of Contemporary Art, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria. Faustin’s works have been featured in international exhibitions in Nigeria and France as well as exhibitions across the Northeastern USA, including the Empire State Building, NY; Highline Loft Gallery in Chelsea, NY; Ely Center for Contemporary Arts in New Haven, CT, Mehari Gallery in Washington DC and Pulse Artfair in Miami, FL. His work has been featured at artnet news, and most recently, Adeniran was featured in the Washington Post. Faustin was a recipient of The Bitsie Clark Fund award in 2021. Faustin studied at the University of Lagos and continues to pursue his passion and expand his body of work at the Adeniran Art Studio based in New Haven, CT, USA.